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  1. Hi everyone. I have some problems with loading the Sofia and Budapest Ikarus 280 trolleybuses. When i try to load them in the ModManager, the game instantly crushes. I do not have this problem with for example ZiU or Skoda trolleys. Could somebody check and try find a solution? Thank you a lot! Steam initialized [ModManager] Checking files... [ModManager] RESULT: seems to be version: 1.0.22 [ModManager:UI] mod_do(activate,Ikarus28094_s) [ModManager] Mod_Activate Ikarus28094_s [ModManager] Loading: Ikarus28094_s Error: Compiler error in "addons/Ikarus28094_s/strings/en_US.strings" at line 5: ";" expected but "" found! Error: Runtime error in "addons/eis_os_mod_manager_v070/scripts/modmanager.script" at line 1998: Internal error! Error: Called from "addons/eis_os_mod_manager_v070/scripts/modmanager.script" at line 1806 Error: Called from "addons/eis_os_mod_manager_v070/scripts/modmanager.script" at line 1646 Error: Called from "addons/eis_os_mod_manager_v070/scripts/modmanager.script" at line 1658 Error: Called from "addons/eis_os_mod_manager_v070/scripts/modmanager_win_mods.script" at line 227 Error: Called from "addons/eis_os_mod_manager_v070/scripts/modmanager_win_mods.script" at line 117 Error: Runtime error in "addons/eis_os_mod_manager_v070/scripts/modmanager_win.script" at line 118: Internal error!
  2. Спасибо за модель. Могу ли я также попросить вас сделать переработанную версию для Софии? Модель Ikarus 280.92T, которая была доставлена в Софию в период с 1985 по 1991 год? Спасибо вам заранее и с наилучшими пожеланиями, Андрей.
  3. I want to make a completely new map since Bucharest is a very interesting city and I feel that the current map made by Colossal is not very representative of the city. But it will be a long term and massive project.
  4. That is great, do you know where can i find and download them?
  5. RUS (Google Translate): Всех с новым годом. После Софии это очередь Будапешта, а затем Бухарест. Мотивированный большой деятельностью других членов, я хочу внести свой вклад в «Города в движении». Вот почему я хочу закончить карту венгерской столицы - Будапешта, начатую еще одним членом другого форума более 5 лет назад, но незавершенным. Город очень реалистичен, сложный и разнообразный - от узкого исторического центра города до крупных пригородов коммуны, от небольших площадей до крупных транспортных узлов. К настоящему времени в городе насчитывается около 65 000 граждан, и не нужно добавлять много зданий. Большая работа, которую нужно сделать, - сделать город более красивым. Здесь будет много других друзей, которые могли бы сделать легендарные трамваи GANZ CSMG, троллейбус Ikarus 280 T и поезда HEV - LEW MX és MXA. С наилучшими пожеланиями, и вы можете задать любые вопросы. Привет из Болгарии. ENG: Happy New Year to everyone. After Sofia, it is Budapest's turn, followed by Bucharest. Motivated by the great activity of other members, I want to give my input to Cities in Motion. This is why I want to finish a map of the Hungarian capital - Budapest, started by another member of another forum more than 5 years ago, but unfinished. The city is very realistic, complex and diverse - from the narrow historic city center to the large communist suburbs, and from the small squares to large transport hubs. By now the city has around 65 000 citizens, and not a lot buildings need to be added. The large job to be done is making the city more beautiful. It will be great of other friends here could make the legendary Budapest vehicles - the Ganz CSMG, Ikarus 280 T trolleybus and the HEV LEW MX és MXA trains. Best regards to everyone and feel free to ask any questions. Greetings from Bulgaria. Moszkva ter (Szell Kalman ter): Nagy Lajos Király útja Ujpalota: Buda: örs vezér tér Rakospalota MAV - telep
  6. Hello friends. For some time now I have a problem playing trolleybus-based maps such as St. Petersburg and New York. When I start the game, after some 15-30 minutes game play the game just freezes. The game does not respond, so I have to disconnect it using the Task Manager. I am not using a crazy amount of modes: just the Ik435 and ZiU682 MU and that is all. Have you got any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance. Steam initialized [ModManager] Checking files... [ModManager] RESULT: seems to be version: 1.0.22 [ModManager:UI] mod_do(activate,Ikarus435) [ModManager] Mod_Activate Ikarus435 [ModManager] Loading: Ikarus435 [ModManager:UI] mod_do(deactivate,SolarisUrbino) [ModManager] Unloading: SolarisUrbino [ModManager:UI] mod_do(activate,ZiU-682MU) [ModManager] Mod_Activate ZiU-682MU [ModManager] Loading: ZiU-682MU [ModManager:UI] mod_do(deactivate,cis_regions) [ModManager] Unloading: cis_regions [ModManager:UI] mod_do(deactivate,ktm8km) [ModManager] Unloading: ktm8km [ModManager:UI] mod_do(activate,stpetersburg) [ModManager] Mod_Activate stpetersburg [ModManager] Loading: stpetersburg [ModManager:UI] mod_do(deactivate,usa) [ModManager] Unloading: usa [ModManager:UI] mod_do(deactivate,mappack01) [ModManager] Unloading: mappack01 [ModManager:UI] mod_dosavelist() [ModManager] Saving Profile [ModManager:UI] mod_dosavelist() [ModManager] Saving Profile Start scenario "metro/scenarios/sandbox.scenario" Loading game... [ModManager] Savegame checks - Phase 1: [ModManager] Checking MAIN.$scenario.$location.$locationSetup addons/stpetersburg/locations/russia [ModManager] found, continue loading. [ModManager] Savegame checks - Phase 1: done [ModManager] Installing script checks and logging [ModManager] Installing script checks and logging: done [ModManager] Savegame checks - before Grid loading [ModManager] Savegame checks - Grid loading can start... [ModManager] Loading of savegame done [done] Saving game as "a"... [done] Saving game as "a"... [done] [ModManager] Unloading game (problems may be reported after this point if CIM is already crashed!) Error: Runtime error in "metro/scripts/engine.script" at line 314: Internal error!
  7. Is it possible to make the trolleybus version, the Ikarus 280T? Since recently this was the main trolleybus used in Sofia. Google Translate: Можно ли сделать версию троллейбус, Икарус 280T? С недавнего времени это было главным троллейбуса используется в Софии.
  8. Nadezhda II: Krasno selo market: Krasno selo House of Culture and the Boris III blvd. tram line: Ploshtad na Aviaciyata and Arena Armeec Sofia: Makedoniya blvd. and the Ministry of Agriculture: Zhenski (Women's) Market: Ik280 Sofia style Until tomorrow
  9. Thanks a lot, your English is perfect Should I write to you tomorrow the information needed for the upload on private message? In the meantime I will upload some teaser photos of Sofia, I hope you don't mind the English. Sofia map: Vasil Levski Square and the National library Sv. Kiril i Metodiy: Sv. Sedmochislenitsi church and park: Stadion Georgi Asparuhov: Vartopo park: Mladost II: Zapaden (West) Park: Chepintsi village/suburb: National Sport Academy complex: Monument to the Soviet Army : Aleksandrovska Hospital complex: Park Banya Lozenets and the Perlovska channel:
  10. Hello friends, happy Easter to all! Sofia map is ready, I have finally finished it. It is huge and complex and because of performance I have not planted trees on all spaces without buildings. If anyone could help me please with the uploading of the map, we could have it tomorrow, to play it for the holidays Please write me here in the thread if you could help me with the upload Later I will post some screenshots from the finished city. Best regards from Bulgaria.
  11. Well, first of all I have the game in English, so it does not support Cyrillic. That is why I cannot play some of the best maps created here.Maybe you should think to start making English maps as well I am making this map for the Bulgarians of the forum, and they all use English games as well. Second I really do not think that this is a factor at all, at least I never pay attention to the names of the map. I agree it would be a bit more realistic, but unfortunately it is impossible to make with my game and computer settings. The map creation progresses well by the way. I will post some photo soon.
  12. Hello friends. The map is almost done, so I will try to finish it as soon as possible. I thought there was no interest, so that is why I haven't been working on it lately.
  13. ENG Hello everyone. Guys sorry for writing on Google Translate, I am from Bulgaria and I dont speak Russian. I need some help with some mods, since my old computer died and now I lost all of the mods on it. 1) Can I get links to the biggest trams by passenger capacity? I remember there were some 480 passengers Soviet made trams mods. 2) There was a mod for one Soviet building (If I recall correctly Series 602?) with green, blue and red detail versions, which I used heavily in my Sofia map, but now I can not find it. 3) What mod do I need to have the buildings from Paris and St. Petersburg DLCs on my Germany map? Now on my Sofia map I have empty space where the buildings from Paris ans St. Petersburg stood. 4) I have problem with my ModManager. It worked well, but now when I start the game it says some strings are broken or not writable. Do you know what the problem might be and how can I solve it? I am very very thankful for any answers and help. All the best and cheers! РУС Всем привет. Ребята извините за написание на Google Translate, я из Болгарии, и я не говорю по-русски. Мне нужна помощь с некоторыми модами, так как мой старый компьютер скончался, и теперь я потерял все модов на нем. 1) Могу ли я получить ссылки на крупнейших трамваев по пассажировместимости? Я помню, там были какие-то 480 пассажиров Советский сделанные трамваи модов. 2) Был мод для одного советского здания (Если я правильно помню Серия 602?) С зелеными, синими и красными версий деталь, которая меня сильно, используемых в моей карте Софии, но теперь я не могу найти его. 3) Что мод мне нужно, чтобы иметь здания из Парижа и Санкт-Петербурга ДПС на моем Германия карте? Теперь на моей карте София у меня есть пустое пространство, где здания из Парижа анс Санкт-Петербурге стояли. 4) У меня есть проблемы с моим ModManager. Он работал хорошо, но теперь, когда я начинаю игру он говорит, что некоторые строки разбиты или не доступна для записи. Знаете ли вы, что проблема может быть и как я могу решить эту проблему? Я очень благодарен за любые ответы и помощь. Все самое лучшее и ура!
  14. София зоопарк Зала Арена Армеец: София Land Метро депо Обеля
  15. Sofia S-bahn: жд. вокзал Връбница жд. вокзал Централна гара София Жд. вокзал Надежда и локомотивно депо Надежда: Сортировачная станция Подуяне-разпределителна