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  1. Thanks for advice. Now it fully works
  2. Please help. Game crashes while loading map. It crashes during loading EVERY map. log_metro.txt
  3. If you don't want install torrents, maybe these "two small" aren't so necessary for you, are you? If you really need something you download it by every way Hmm... I want see, what will you do, if you download 1...2...5...and more programs and finally you install some virus to your PC... I really don´t like this ways "At first millions programs to download one small file". Why we can´t download it directly from one page?
  4. Hi everyone, have somebody DLC London and Design Quirks? Can somebody send it to my mail (mk12prima@centrum.sk), please? Please don´t refer me to download it through torrents. I really don´t want download programs to download two small (stupid ) files. Thanks every good person.
  5. Thank you. Finally, this is the best solution. Now it fully works. Thank you again.
  6. User eis_os wrote: "4. Start CIM for installing Start CIM, you get a screen to install ModManager, ModManager will now try to determine the CIM directory, if there is an error, you can enter the directory into the input dialog." What is "input dialog" or what he means? I´m sending that helping file and my log metro too. log_metro.txt install.txt
  7. This is my path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Paradox Interactive\Cities in Motion. I can´t understand, why is it doing at all. And i have Windows 8.
  8. Ok. Put again usa.gs, trampuzzle & new "Troll_tram" (from here: http://transport-games.ru/index.php/files/file/384-tram-troll-tramvaino-trolleibusnye-peresecheniia/ ) in your "addons" folder, then switch them on in Mod Manager and see the result. Anyway I don't know what we can do else... Maybe Alex can help you... The problem is with ModManager finally. When i click on "OK" to install Mod Manager, it says "error in determinating...., do you want to Game Folder be written to? Result: Prístup odmietnutý (it is in slovak language because i´m from slovakia)". When i click again "OK" the programme turn off but nothing happened(it want again install modmanager).
  9. @tomcat,Yes, it is strange. When i have trampuzzle 4, i have that button, but not "tramtroll" pieces. But when i have got trampuzzle 5 or 6 or even 7 i haven´t got that button at all.
  10. Please, somebody help me: I have file troll-tram.gs a EIS-trampuzzle 6 a 7 in addons. I have usa.gs and "real wires" too. In the game, I haven´t got a small picture of trolleybus in construction menu and i haven´t got a button for tram puzzle pieces. When i build a trolleybus wires, i can´t build tram track, but i can build tram track on the end of trolleybus wires (because in the game, trolley wires are like tram track). I´m sending log-metro too. thanks everyone PS: please write in english. log_metro.txt
  11. Nikitatram, i was talking about file usa.gs Alex, Thanks for suggestion, but i really don´t want download some other programmes to download one small stupid file. Can you send it to my e-mail adress mk12prima@centrum.sk, please? Thank you very much
  12. Hi all, where i can download file to add trolleybus mode to CiM? I know that it is DLC pack U.S.Cities, but where i can download it for free? I hope, that you will help me. Thank you all very much. P.S. Please (try) write in English.
  13. Here: Opened log in "userdata/log_metro.txt". Version: 1.0.22 initializing FMOD... [done] initializing OpenGL-window... [done] Error: FrameBuffers not supported Loaded console Loaded language "en_US" Engine initialization finished Loading ui... [done] Loading addon "addons/LineStatistics"... [done] Loading addon "addons/eis_os_trampuzzle_04"... [done] Loading addon "addons/london"... [done] Loading addon "addons/mappack01"... [done] Loading addon "addons/munich"... [done] Loading addon "addons/paris"... [done] Loading addon "addons/stationpack01"... [done] Loading addon "addons/stpetersburg"... [done] Loading addon "addons/tokyo"... [done] Loading addon "addons/usa"... [done] Loading addon "addons/vehiclepack01"... [done] Loading addon "addons/vehiclepack02"... [done] Loading addon "addons/vehiclepack03"... [done] Loading addon "addons/vehiclepack04"... [done] Loading addon "addons/vehiclepack05"... [done] Loading addon "metro/addons/quickbusentry_1.0"... [done] Loading achievements... [done] Loading main menu... [done] Error: Framebuffer initialization failed! Closed log in "userdata/log_metro.txt". Is it doing because, I haven?t got an internet connection? And i have more problems: In main menu, I haven?t got an animation, only black stain and 2 semaphores. In vehicle panel, I haven?t got a colour view of vehicles. And when I select camera view of some vehicle, I have brown stain, none vehicle view.
  14. Hi, I have one problem. When I am playing some map, the game "chops". I have all patches, my computer fulfils system requirements and I set graphics settings to minimum, but I don?t know, why is it doing. Can somebody help me? Thanks everyone.