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Два разных продуктовых Газона. Один с дефолтной кабиной от совхоза "Первомайский",  второй с желтой от совхоза " Октябрь", а так же два открытых Газона, с разными кабинами.


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    • It's a damn shame that the tram catenary mod doesn't work with this, but other than that this mod is great. 
    • Wow. Thank you so much for putting this pack together. Big thanks to@rodnikur_ _ for making me aware of this through Steam. I fondly remember as a kid riding in the CWI Hunter B40D's into the CBD and back to Island Bay with my mum whenever we were having a holiday down there. If we weren't riding on them I would lean against a wall outside a shop my mum was in and in rain or shine watch them roll past along with the MAN diesel buses and the odd other bus. Then in later years when the Designlines came along whenever I could afford it on a weekday I would catch the earlier morning train down to Wellington, ride most of them around the city almost all day, then catch the train back home. Unfortunately I didn't take photos back then which I'm rather upset about now. Wellington was a good place to be for public transport enthusiasts such as myself for around a decade from 2005 with the Hunter B40D's and the Designline Trolley's running around, along with all of the different Designline bodied MAN buses (in the Stagecoach and the then new GO Wellington liveries), and the odd other bus. Then later on in the decade on the commuter rail side there was for a short period four different EMU classes (those being the original large headlight English Electric's, the rebuilt EE's, the Ganz Mavag's, and the then brand new Hyundai Rotem FP/FT's) , and four different loco hauled carriage sets that could have any one of five different loco types hauling said carriages (those being the New Zealand built A series carriages, some ex. British Railways Mk2's that were just overhauled before entering traffic, two more sets of ex. BR Mk2's fully rebuilt ,one set with regular windows, the other with full length panoramic windows. Those carriages could be seen being hauled by either a DC, a DX, a DFT, or on the odd occasion a DBR. Add to that during peak times there was another set of Mk2's that were top'n'tailed by two EO electric locos). All of the above wore different liveries which added to the interest. I can't wait to try these, and the map out, when I can find the time.
    • При подключении и ЕСЦХ и первых двух официальных транспортных DLC, если запустить карту - загрузка доходит примерно до половины, и игра вылетает. При подключении Токио - монорельсы везде можно строить ВМЕСТО трамваев. При подключении некоторых модов (например USSR-Buildings) вылетает игра. Это возможно как-то исправить?
    • Пока меня не было столько всего вышло. Продолжай в том же духе!