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  1. Well, you can upload it within the next 3 weeks ... we will be opening everything until the 12th of may ... best way: register at OmSi-Nation, so you'll get a mail when OmSi-Nation will start officially.
  2. Sry for bringing up this thread again after a long time, but does anybody know something new about this project ???
  3. Hey, guys'n'girls, I edited the first thread, 'cause I'm looking for some more translations. Take a look, pls.
  4. *haha* Thx, Alex !!! Thx to your advertising we got more than 40 visitors until NOW ... thank you so much !!!
  5. @Metrotram: I hope so ... @Alex: Yes, it would be great if you could advertise OmSi-Nation !!! I think ON could become famous even faster, when some people would upload their things ... because for now, there are no uploads at ON, so I think we need someone who could take the first step ...
  6. Hey, guys. The starting page should be working now ... on EVERY resolution.
  7. @ddemagog: We will keep the starting page. But we're working on the problem at the moment. @Metrotram: *haha* Thx a lot ^^
  8. Tell me some things: 1. Which browser do you use? 2. What's your operating system? 3. What's your desktop resolution? We have to find a solution for that ... (Wait ... did you used your mobile phone ??? If you did so than you shouldn't for now. We're working on a better and more functional solution for mobile phones. )
  9. Ladies & Gentlemen, Let me introduce you the new and best way to share your user-made content for the game OMSI: OmSi-Nation The Pro's: 4 languages: German, English, Russian, Spanish no registration required no limitation of up-/download-rate no limitation of simultaneous downloads no ads no costs The Con's:It's in beta-status yet. The official release date will be within the last two weeks of april 2014. If you're a fan of OMSI then give it a try. If you're a mod-, map- or bus-creator then upload your content at OmSi-Nation NOW !!! It's free, it's fast, it's yours !!! And here's the way to go:
  10. Could an admin or moderator please close this topic? Thx.
  11. Thx, Corupt, butit's already done ^^
  12. Well, thx, Alex. I write you a PM ^^
  13. Dear Lads'n'Gents, I started a new project about the game "OmSi": It's a filehoster called "OmSi-Nation". (Already wrote something about it here.) For now it's only available in German, English, Spanish & Russian, but we wanna offer some more languages, and this is what I want from you: Is there someone who can translate ... 1.) German/English > Spanish DONE! 2.) German/English > Russian DONE! 3.) German / English> Czech NEW! 4.) German / English> Polish NEW! 5.) German / English> Italian NEW! 6.) German / English> French NEW! Please send me a PM or write a comment below this thread if you could help me to translate the project into one of these languages. Then another question: Do you know, if the languages Russian, Czech & Polish are nearly the same or do they sound VERY different? I don't know that, so please tell me. Ah, and here it is, just take a look so you can see what I'm talking about: Thx a lot.
  14. Nice video ... already shared it instantly !!!