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  1. Your Russian website has not been updated recently. Are you still playing MOD? And there's a new MOD that can be downloaded to you. Thank you, my friend. Is there a website that can download your new MOD?
  2. Hi, friend. Do you need these? I have many
  3. Hi, my friend Olgmontana. Do you remember me? That Chinese. I have many models in my hand. But I can't make MOD. Can you help me? Thank you
  4. hi Oleg.Have you ever wanted to do a few warships
  5. Thank you for making the game more rich .
  6. I still have a car. "Ural375_Mail"Help me please?
  7. It has a Chinese name. YU--5
  8. Hi Oleg My name is xiachanglong.I'm from Guizhou, China. Nice to meet you. My friend This is my Chinese name 夏昌龙
  9. Hi, friend. Can you give me something in your picture
  10. Can you change it for me?
  11. Hi. Friend. I'm Chinese .Could you put your car for decoration decoration .mod