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  1. i want to play this game so very bad right now where can find a demo or early access for the game
  2. it would be great if some your mods could made for transport fever
  3. it is 11/02/2017 and my game has not be updated
  4. почта

    hello they do not work build a post office and the place sort the but I get no mail picked up by the trucks
  5. it has very little dam game play only near the end of the video
    a great looking model for the cunard record holder for 22 years . I hope to see the 2 speed Queens from 1930s
  6. I like the game so far , my only question is about income and track laying ,is the train income different than transport passenger from city to city, . track building simple and easy
  7. Hello Nightowl I play the game for a long time to help get over my pain from cancer treatment and it helps sometimes but not all the time would like to see more of the types of transportation that is in the game being modded
  8. It seems to me most of this game runs nothing but trains after playing for 10 hours a day it becomes very boring when you make a suggestion for other forums of transportation, you a rude remark made towards you it a train and that's all we want, it seems to myself as a updated version of train fever, they added buses, ships and planes but no is modding things for these types of transportation, in past 4 months I have seen over 100 hundred trains and trains cars being released I feel a great let down when using trains my map get over crowded with trains, then i get bored with playing the game
  9. would love to see these for transport fever
  10. I have played for almost 3 years